Dialogo (ing, presente simple)

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Some guys playing soccer and suddenly they kick the ball too hard and hit someone:
Luis: Ouch!
Who did it?
Daniel: I’m sorry, are you ok?
Luis: I’m fine, buttry to be more careful next time
Daniel: ok I’ll try
Hey, haven’t we met before?
Luis: I don’t think so
Daniel: yeah! Now I remember you.
You’re the guy thatsits at the back of the classroom
Luis: Yeah, that’s me!
But…I can’t remember you, so… what’s your name?
D: Well, my name’s Daniel but my friends call me Dan.L: Nice to meet you Dan…
Hey, by the way, are those guys your friends?
D: Which ones?
L: The chubby guy wearing glasses with straight black hair and themedium height guy with fair skin who is also wearing glasses.
D: Yes, they are. Hey I’ve got a great idea
Would you like to meet them?
L: That would be nice
D:Follow me
D: Hey guys come here, this is…
L: …Luis
D: Yeah, right. He would like to join us.
L: So, what’s your name?
Said: My name is Said...
L: Can you spellit?
Said: Yes, It’s S-A-I-D, Said
It’s my name
L: oh, now I’ve get it but… what does it mean?
S: umm, something like good luck.
L: And what about you?
Alex:My name is Mena, Alex Mena.
S: When are we gonna start playing?
A: Yeah, I wanna start right now
L: Ok, let’s start
D: Hey, Luis, let’s talk with that guy
L: Ok, let’s invite him to play
A: Hi, what’s your name?
R: I’m Rodrigo, but you can call me roy
S:Hi roy, I’m Said, How are you?
R: I’m fine thanks
D: Would you like playing soccer?
R: That would be great, thanks
L: Ok, he’ll play, but he will be in my team
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