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- Supermarket Dialogue

(At the supermarket entry)

Assistant: Welcome to E-Mart supermarket sir, how could I help you?

Man: Hi. Well, I need a lot of products, my wife have sent me to do the monthly shopping and I don’t know to much where the products are, can you help me?

Assistant: Of course sir, this is why E-Mart Supermarkets are the best in the country, we have the best customerservice. What kind of products do you need?

Man: Well I need the common things needed for a house but I also need a lot of fresh meat, a broiler and some wines. You know that this is homeland celebrations time and everybody are making barbecues.

Assistant: Oh that’s nice sir, so you should take our “Homeland Celebration Offer”.

Man: Oh, what does this offer consist on?

Assistant: Well,if you take this offer you will take the broiler for free but you have to make a purchase of more than 100 dollars with your E-Mart Supermarket customer’s card.

Man: That sounds good, I will take the offer.

Assistant: Good sir, I recommend you start on the wine section. We have the best imported wines for guarantee you an unforgettable celebration with your family. Keep walking for thisaisle and you will find the wines section.

Man: Thanks you.

(At the wines section)

Assistant2: Welcome sir, this is the wine section as you can see we have a great variety of wines of all kinds, make your choice and ask me if you are doubtful.

Man: Hi, I’m looking for a not so expensive wine for a barbecue. What do you think that I should take?

Assistant2: Mmm.. If you are going to makea barbecue I recommend you a red wine.

Man: Well so I will take a red wine but, is this red wine sweet or dry?

Assistant2: It’s sweet you can see by the label it says ‘sweet’. It’s one of our best wines, It’s an imported one.

Man: Oh, will it go well with meat?

Assistant2: Yes, it is perfect for a barbecue, in matter of fact we are almost out of stock of that wine because everybody isbuying it on these celebrations.

Man: Ok, I will take 5 of them.

Assistant2: Good choice sir, here you are. Have a nice day.

Man: Thank you, and you. Excuse me, where is the delicatessen counter?

Assistant2: Turns left on the next aisle and keep walking; there you will see the delicatessen counter.

Man: Ok, thanks you very much.

(At the delicatessen counter)

Assistant3: Goodafternoon sir, this is the delicatessen counter. What do you need?

Man: Hi I’m looking for some smooth fillet steak, pork meat and some sausages for a barbecue.

Assistant3: How much would you like?

Man: On about 3 and half Kilograms of each one I think.

Assistant3: Ok, wait a moment please I’m going to carve the meat. Do you need something else?

Man: What’s this over there?Assistant3: Here? Those are mixed olives stuffed with cayenne pepper. It’s perfect for an appetizer. Do you want to taste some?

Man: Yes, please. Mmm.. It’s very delicious I will take some of them. I would like 300 grams of them please.

Assistant3: There you are.

Man: No, could I also have a kilogram of sliced cheese and turkey ham?

Assistant3: Ok, here you are.

Man: Thanks you, that’sall.

Assistant3: No problem sir, have a nice day.

(At the bread Counter)

Man: Hi, I would like one of those big loaves of bread please.

Assistant4: This one?

Man: Yes, that’s right and I also need some sliced white bread, some French baguettes, currant buns and I also would like a tart made of fresh fruits with custard or whipped cream please.

Assistant4: Wow sir, I see that youhave some hungry children. What of these tarts would you take?

Man: Mmm… Is that one a eggfruit tart?

Assistant4: Yes sir, it’s a eggfruit tart with chocolate chips and some meringue.

Man: Mmm… And what about the one next to the eggfruit tart?

Assistant4: That’s a delicacy tart sir.

Man: how much do you think that I should take for 10 persons?

Assistant4: For ten people I would...
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