Dialogo para ingles 3 min

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E- OK Mr. Jaramillo this is the apartment, has four rooms, two bathrooms and a big livingroom.

S - wow is better than I imagine. And bigger , oh I love it

E - I'mglad you like the apartment , do you have any pets ?

S – no i dont have pets , because mi wife dont like it

E - yeah. Why she doesn`t like it ?

S- because she isallergic .

E - that's ok, because you can not have pets here

S – oh dont worry miss hurtado with us you will not have any problems

E - Ilike that because the previous tenants were terrible.

S- uh to bad I do not like people like that

E- yeah …………. Do you any question or doubt

S - yes, i really dont like the color of that wall , Could youchange it for another ?

E- oh sure which color would you like ?

S- i would like the blue like the sky . oh i love it

E- sure mr.jaramillo. i think in week .you canenjoy the new color .

S. OH thank you miss. Hurtado i will be gratefull to you. And just one more thing i dont have all the Money yet Could you wait until the end of this monthE- sure , when you move to here ?

S - MMM I think in the beginning of the next month

E – oh dont worry about that it`s not a problem and leave the wall to me i willchange that color

S- ok miss hurtado i think that is all for now I'll call you if something happens and im really happy with the apartament and I think my wife will love ittoo.

E- that`s good ……….ok mr Jaramillo it`s a pleasure doing Business with you

S – no mrs hurtado the pleasure is mine. I have to go now because i have an importantmeeting and oh my god  I am late

E – ok i will see you at the end of this month .luck in that meeting

S – ok thank you take care of you bye

E – ok thank you bye
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