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Natasha – Joselin
Pame – Mary Mar
David –Winston
One day at the start of a school Joselin and Mary Mar were walking to the class and the Mary Mar’s cell falls on the street andWinston takes it, and asks her PIN and here the story begins.
M.M: Joselin!!!! You saw that boy??
J: Yes!! He is very cute and has a nice body like The Rock!!
M.M: Ok, we are late to class!!After 5 minutes of being the class a boy arrives to class.

W: Hi everybody, my name is Winston and I’m new in the class.
J: You see Mary Mar it’s the same boy
M.M: Yes, Joselin I’m nervous

Atthe end of the class

W: Mary Mar do you want to go out with me to night to eat at “papas de la maria”?
M.M: Oh!!! Yes, of course, I’d like to.
W: Is 8:00pm okey??
M.M: Yes, It’s ok. Are youpicking me up?
W: That’s a little difficult. Can we meet there?
M.M: Yes, of course see you!!! Bye
W: Joselin!! What are you doing tonight??
J: Nothing, I will stay at home, why??
W: I wanted to askyou, if you want to go out with me tonight, for dinner at 8:00pm in ‘’papas de la maria’’??
J: Oh.!!! I would like to so, can you pick me up from my house??
W: Yes, of course, see you there, bye!!Joselin and Wiston arrive to the restaurant

W: Joselin, you choose what you want!!!
J: Oh, thanks, I want the large order.
M.M: Winston? Where are you? I’m here at ‘’papas de la maria’’
W:Oh!! I will arrive in 2 minutes Mary Mar.
W: Joselin, I hope I remembered to lock my car, I’m going to check, ok??
J: No problem my dear Winston.
W: Hello Mary Mar, I’m late, I’m so sorry.
M.M: It’sok, but where were you?
W: Was stuck in traffic
M.M: Should we choose something to eat?
W: Yes, but I have to leave, give me 5 minutes and I will come back.
M.M: Ok.
W: Joselin, I come backsorry.
J: You took a lot of time, I need to go to the bathroom!!


J: Hi Mary Mar, what are you doing here?
M.M: Joselin, con you believe it!! I had a date with Winston.
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