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  • Publicado : 13 de noviembre de 2011
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Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  Ministry of Popular Power for Education
Maturin, Monagas State
Educational Center "The Americas"

Aurolina Guevara Carla BastardoLucia Parra

Maturin, October 2011

* LUCIA: Hello, May I help you?
* CARLA:(turn around) hey Lucia is good to see you
* LUCIA: Yes Carla is a nice surprise! You are coming for dinner in my new restaurant
* CARLA: Of course! I will be stay in the best restaurant inthe city, but I didn´t know you are the owner of this propriety
* LUCIA: Yes I was spending time and money for this. It is my big dream
* CARLA: Is true… you were thinking well, everythingis amazing. I am fascinating with your restaurant
* LUCIA: Thank you, I really love everything, I know I'm not going to doubt my decision
* CARLA: I am sure about that, all things arebeautiful
* LUCIA: Now tell me what are you going to do in your new office? Alice told me the good news
* CARLA: I am glad at there! It is cool but I like it , the chair is so expensive andcomfortable, I never imagine have things like that, makes me feel happy all day
* LUCIA: I wish will be there! Sitting in your expensive chair and stuff like that! It is a big building, and somany people. I am imagining you in the president office drinking coffee
* CARLA: It is incomparable, I will be working tomorrow you can go, because I have no words to describe all my feelings!My employees are thinking in my office because everybody want to stay there
* LUCIA: It is a nice idea! So see you tomorrow and enjoy the food
* CARLA: Okay I will enjoy! see you
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