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  • Publicado : 1 de diciembre de 2011
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L: Hi, Misael, how are you ?

M: good and you ?

L: fine thanks. … Yesterday I tried to call you but the phone was busy all the time !!!

M: Sorry, I spend a lot of time on thephone for my work. You can call me at night. I make more calls during the day than at night.

L: Ok. When I will get home tonight, I'm going to call you.

L: Do you know the new teacher??M: mmm I'm not sure. What does she look like ??

L: She is tall and she has blond hair.

M: oh yes, I meet her the last week, She is very nice.

L: She is going to teachs usCalculus the next year.

M: Really ?? great !! And the Mr. Gonzalez ??

L: Mr. Gonzalez ?? mmm I don't know him. What does he look like ?

M: He is short and he has black hair.

L:Ahh. That Mr. Gonzalez. I think he retired.

M: ok. He is a good teacher.

L: Are you ready for your vacation this summer ??

M: Yes, I'm going to Brasil to see my mother that livethere.

L: Oh great. fantastic plans !

M: Do you want to come ?

L: Well, I guess I could go. Oh, wait, I don't have money. But, I could save money if I work overtime.

M: Great !!!Do you have any advice for the trip??

L: Maybe we should take some insect repellent, sunscreen and sandals

M: Great Idea, thanks !

L: What are you going to do at the end of thiscourse ??

M: I guess I will probably take another course.

L: If you will want take another course. I will take the course too.

M: Sounds great. !!

M: The monday I found asunglasses in the classroom, Do you know whose sunglasses is this ??

L: It's my sunglasses !! I lose it. Thanks !

M: jejej. Where do you have your head ??

L: uff I have a lot of thingsin my mind. My work, my studies, my baby girl. Uff I need vacation.

M: Do you want to eat pizza with me ?? I invited to you

L: oh great. I need a relax.

M: ok. Let's go !!