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JANET: Hi Alinne I heard you on Holiday to Mexico City
ALINNE: Yes I’m going to visit my family and old friends
JANET: What fun¡¡ and you`ll do there?ALINNE: I`m going to Castle of Chapultepec, the zoo, at the parties and I have lots of fun
JANET: Great, you’ll do at Christmas?
ALINNE: I`m with my family andmy grandparents will make a nice dinner and toast with lots of wine, tequila and beer
JANET: And New Year plans?
ALINNE: I will return to the city ofActopan, and my boyfriend Alex will come to know my family, my cousins Karen and will receive the year Yessy happy dancing and my brothers and I got drunk, tillyou drop. And what are your plans for the Holidays?
JANET: I`m going to visit my grandparents and spend Christmas there, I`m going to Queretaro go to thecinema, museum, shopping for clothes, Christmas dinner and will spend an unforgettable evening
ALINNE: Great¡¡ and where the year goodbye?
JANET: Well return tomy home and spend the New Year with the family of my father, and the first hours of the beginning of the year I will go to a party with friends at a placecalled “LA CASONA”, get drunk I take a lot Buchanan`s till you drop
ALINNE: Wow I hope you lots of friend. And call me?
JANET: Of course I`ll call you once aweek and will write on Facebook
ALINNE: Ok friend. Forward your calls will waits, I`ll write in the face and so be in touch
JANTE: Well I say goodbye I wishyou the best vacation. Behave take care of yourself and do not take much
ALINNE: Okay bye friend, I hope see you soon
JANET: Ok bye
ALINNE: Take care
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