Dialogos de programa de tv lost ep1 en inglés

[Shot of Jack's eye opening, looking up at the bamboo. Overhead shot panning out to show Jack is lying injured on the ground. Jack sees a dog, slowly gets up, in pain. Finds a little liquor bottle inhis pocket. Then he runs though the bamboo and ends up at the beach. People screaming. He sees the wreckage. People limping and calling for help. Shot of the engine still spinning. Charlie gettingtoo close to it. Jin screaming. Michael calling for Walt.]
REDSHIRT: Stay away from the gas. Stay there.
[Shannon screaming. Jack looks up at the wing.]
REDSHIRT #2 [trapped under the piece with thestill moving engine]: Help. Help. Somebody help me. Ahh, my leg.
JACK: Give me a hand. You, c'mon, come over here. Give me a hand. [A group of redshirts (and Locke) gather around to lift the metalpiece that's trapping the man.] On the count of 3: 1, 2, 3.
[Jack pulls the man out from under. One leg is bloody. Jack starts ripping the man's pants to get to the wound. Jack uses his tie as atourniquet.]
CLAIRE: Help. Somebody please help me. Please help me.
[We see Claire is pregnant and on her hands and knees. Jack sees her.]
JACK [to a redshirt and Locke]: Okay, get him out of here. Gethim away from the engine. Get him out of here.
[He runs over to Claire through a lot of wreckage.]
CLAIRE: Help me please. I'm having contractions.
JACK: How many months pregnant are you?
CLAIRE:I'm nearly 8 months.
[Jack looks over and sees Boone doing CPR on Rose.]
JACK [to Claire]: How far apart are they coming?
CLAIRE: I don't know, a few just happened.
[Shot of Locke and Redshirtcarrying bad-leg-guy away. Another guy starts walking in front of the engine and Locke sees him.]
LOCKE: Hey, hey, get away:
[The guy gets sucked into the engine and the engine explodes. Shot ofpeople running. Jack sort of falls on top of Claire to protect her.]
JACK: Listen to me, we're gonna: you're going to be okay, understand me. But you have to sit absolutely still.
[Jack looking at...
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