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Dialog 9

Daniela: mom, I was looking at your photo album when you came in, I saw that you wrote many names and places in the last page. Why?
Mom: because I always want to remember the peopleand places that I left behind in my home city, Mexicali.
Sara: talk to me about Mexicali.
Mom: well, that´s a border city in Baja California where your brother Anthony and I were born. It´s a verymodern city which I love.
Daniela: who is teacher Rayito?
Mom: wow! What a wonderful woman! She was the person who taught me how to be a good teacher. She was from the Imperial Valley College inimperial, California. But that was in 1978.
Sara: in 1978? That´s a long time ago.
Mom: yes, 1978 is the year when I began to teach English.
Sara: and what about UABC? What is it?
Mom: ok. UABCis the public university in Baja California. That´s the place where I studied to become formally an English teacher.
Daniela: but you never went back to your home city, mom, why?
Mom: oh no! You´rewrong, Daniela. I went back to Mexicali many times, but we didn´t have a proper house where we could live permanently. The rest in Mexicali are quite expensive. But that´s ok. I also love Veracruz.Sara: and what is Calexico?
Mom: Calexico, California is the border city next to Mexicali. That´s the city where I spent many days of my life. It was my second home. Calexico and Mexicali havesalways been “sister cities” .
Daniela: and, do you miss Mexicali?
Mom: of course, I do. I miss everything I used to be, have and live there. But there are many other many other things I have tothank Veracruz. You and Sara were born here. So, if I go back to Mexicali, I will always remember Veracruz with love too.
Daniela: mom, you´re so special to us.
Mom: Sara and Daniela, you´re both sospecial to me too. I love you so much!!!

Dialog 3

Mom: good morning Eliza. Have you already made your bed?
Eliza: no, not yet mom.
Mom: how long have I told you about this? I want your room...
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