Dian and the gorillas

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1.She had to talk about the gorillas. Was she worried about it? Were people bored?
Yes, she was verry worried about it .She knew she would have to talk for sixty minutes and she wasafraid that people were bored .
People weren't bored : they found the speaking amazing and very interesting .When she finished speaking no one said a word . It was so quiet and Dian thought everyone hadfallen asleep. But then, the lights went on and everyone began to shout and clap and they didn't stop for a long time. Some people were crying as the clapped . Some asked her how they could give moremoney and many promised to help her any way that they could.

2.Bob Campbell had begun a new project. Can you explain it? What did Dian want Bob to do? What did he answer?
Bob had begun a newproject at Karisoke . People at National Geographic wanted him to make a film because they liked his gorillas' photographs.
Dian wanted Bob to stay in Karisoke for always. She wanted to be the only one inhis life . But he didn't answer ,and Dian knew what his silence meant : he wasn't staying with her.
1. By 1973 ,through Bob Campbell's National Geographic film , Karisoke was famous . Whatdid the students do?
After the film , students from many places, especially Cambridge, wanted to come there to study .So, when students arrived at Karisoke , they were told what to do . Dian said tothem that they will study the gorillas and try to learn all about them : how they eat, where they sleep and how they play . But the most important thing she told them is that they will keep themsafe.

2.Dian did two wrong things . Write about them.
The first thing she did wrong was that she killed an animal whit a gun , a poor cow whose only mistake was eating in the wrong place . And whenthe herder came to get the dead animal , Dian promised him she would kill one cow every day until the cows left the mountains for ever.
The second thing she did wrong was kidnaping Munyarukiko ,...
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