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Aca empezarias tu New York is the most populous city of, United States of America and the second largest city on the continent. metropolitan area New York, is among the largest urban agglomerationsin the world.

New York is considered a global city because of its global influences in media, politics, education, entertainment and fashion.

 New York is located in the northeasternUnited States, in southeastern New York State and approximately halfway between Washington, DC and Boston. Its location is at the mouth of the Hudson River.
The city of New York is a global linkfor trade and international business, and is one of the hubs of the world economy (along with Paris, London and Tokyo) .57 The city is a major financial centers, insurance, real estate, media and artsin the United States.
New York is a world center for the industries of television, advertising, music, newspapers and book publishing. Some media groups in the city are Time Warner, NewsCorporation, Hearst Corporation and Viacom. Seven of the eight largest advertising agency networks are headquartered in the city, as three of the four major record labels. A third of American independentfilms are produced in New York

 New York City has teams in the four major sports leagues in North America, each of which also is based in the city.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art isthe most famous of Manhattan and
the Museum of Modern Art

Among the most popular sitcom taking place in New York, you can quote Friends (probably the most famous, who for ten seasons, joined thecity to the series, with maps of the city in almost every episode), The Nanny, Spin City, Will & Grace, Seinfeld or "How I Met Your Mother".
Tourism is one of the maineconomic activities in the city, and that pass through 40 million domestic and foreign tourists every year. 69 Major destinations include the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Broadway theater...
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