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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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8/ 04 / 11



When you enter to the cafeteria you can distinguishdifferent odors, some may be by different types of coffees there too different kinds of desserts, that together, has a smell that makes you want to buy. Some coffee shops also have wireless internetand have rooms to relax and share with others your coffee or your dessert, besides that, the walls have an environment to enjoy some quiet, whit neutral colors.
Also you have to have workers thatmake the costumers get happy also you can pick your coffee for the car, without having out and whit the same price, the cafeteria is not also bright, the are just some lamps and just a few pocketsthat's because they want to have a quiet environment , there are some cafeterias that have balconies , that are if you dont like to be inside of the cafeteria.

There are many coffee shops that are inmany parts of the world, but that does not mean they are better, many would not be in another country but they are good, all depends on the quality of the coffee and service.
Also each cafeteria hasits own history.

The cafe can help you in several things, you can wake up and you can put more active in things, but also in excess is not good, you can take a few days and nothing happens. Themaximum recommended amount of coffee is four 8 cups a day, although it depends on the individual in terms of body size.

In each country there are different types of coffee, the main producers ofcoffee are: Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico and Uganda

In some cafeterias they are trying to recycle the packaging or to make a material that doesnt pollute to much, this is because many peoplebuy coffee now they want that to end and I think that is better, benefit us.
For me the coffee i like more is starbucks because when you get inside you feel the tranquility of the place , peace,...