Diario de un seductor

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This book is about a man in love, Johannes. This just fall in love with a girl he just saw for the first time. It was a sight. The name of this lady is Cordelia.
Johannes plan is toseduce her and it will cost you.
The first thing you do is follow her everywhere without realizing it, wants to know everything about it.
He is 16 years and is very beautiful. Give a full descriptionof her, his face has a perfect oval, her forehead is beautiful, pure and proud, has not the slightest defect. His hair is dark, clear complexion and morbid touch, has long lashes, bent like pins. Hisface is like a fruit: merge its features, full and soft, his head is pure and innocent, his hand, naive and Greek perfection and without even the smooth annular ring. It has a beautiful if somewhatsharp chin, the mouth is small. His teeth are white as snow, her cheeks flushed.
It certainly is not promised.
Johannes thinks that one day will belong.
Find out who lives in a city, and also hearhow Cordelia is a boy. He knows the time and place of the meeting. Are at one in an exhibition. Johannes going to go see it.
Johannes is now in the exhibition. She also and is waiting to get hisbeloved but it is already two and still not arrived. Johannes then decides to head for the first time the word. We just ask that if you wait for a family and look in other rooms just in case. She makesa slight bow.
Cordelia is still waiting for her lover but does not appear. It is very sad. Johannes decides to go talk to her when she suddenly appears the long-awaited boy. Then it stays a littlelonger to see if he can find out more about it. Then go.
Johannes is sad because since that night almost a month and seven days without knowing anything about it, goes out to look and not find it.So the day comes when you see it. Johannes is full of happiness.
After follow several times find out where he lives. She lives alone in a place where no one ever goes. He has no family, was the...
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