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prepositions of pleace:
Prepositions can be used to show where something is located.
The prepositions at, on, and in
We use at to show a specific place or position.
For example:
Someone is atthe door.
They are waiting at the bus stop.
I used to live at 51 Portland Street.
We use on to show position on a horizontal or vertical surface.
For example:
The cat sat on the mat.
Thesatellite dish is on the roof.
We also use on to show position on streets, roads, etc.
For example:
I used to live on Portland Street.
We use in to show that something is enclosed or surrounded.
The dog is in the garden.
She is in a taxi.
Put it in the box.
We also use in to show position within land-areas (towns, counties, states, countries, and continents).
For example:
Iused to live in Nottingham.

- Where is your father? He’s in the kitchen.
- Who is in the room?
- Brian was swimming in the ocean.- Bogota is in Colombia.
* “IN” es usado para decir y explicar que un objeto, animal o persona se encuentra dentro de un lugar, objeto o sitio.
- Maria is at the window talking on thephone.
- Juan is at the table with his girlfriend.
- Please read the paragraph at the top of the page.
- The restaurant is at the end of German Avenue.
*AT: es usado para explicar que un objetoanimal o persona se encuentra en el sitio de forma general. Es decir, si uno quiere decir: “Mi padre esta en la puerta” uno no puede utilizar “in” puesto que “in” es usado para decir que algo seencuentra dentro de otro y una persona no puede estar dentro de una puerta. Es por eso que en estos casos uno habla de forma general. Por en de seria de la forma siguiente: “My father is at the doorExamples:
- Your books are on the shelf.
- Don’t put your hands on my head.
- There is an orange on the table.
We always say : on a horse, on a bike (bicycle) , on a motorcycle and we usually say on a...
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