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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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much rain today and I hate the cold but my boyfriend I take all the cold after school today I love him very much and told me I had the money for my engagement ringToday I get angry with my boyfriend because I do not tell the truth and I'm very angry now nose to rely mivida nose is a disaster and to think

I woke up earlytoday but I desepciona go back to school with my mother I do not like get up early and I can not see my boyfriend a little more on me and I have to listen overscolding from me awake but it lacks little to go.

Today was a bad day as I always fought with my mother but there was my super hero in my favor and I get right the dayI love him with all my soul and never going to separate us and I am happy that soon we're getting married good , but I still have my day after fighting came loveand then I started to study.

I had a great day today but I played I had fun up early I had to put up with my license, I did not hear the stupid opinions of mycolleagues on various topics and maybe I went for a walk every morning with the love of my life I had fun lot

Today I had to go to school very early, but the bestesque my boyfriend will leave me all day but my mother does not like me to go to for me is better and I do not really care about their opinions and even school q I donot like I have support a couple of months

Today I went to school alone and I do not like but it was still for a good cause then I had a long day at school hearanother scolding over my head at the poor ratings of the course but I do not care I'm tired of that school would be on the other with my classmates and my teachers
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