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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2010
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The punk music was born in U.K, London. One of the first groups in this genre was the Sex Pistol,Exploited, G.H.B. Television. inU.S.A. .The punk movement was characterized by group like, The Clash, The Ramones; they had a bohemian life style in contrast with United Kingdom movementwas near to direct action and political radicadility.
The punk movement becomes associated with anarchy, which was a political thought. Some political activists use punk music tospread his ideas, this movement anti-establishment an anti-consuming.
The clothes are made by them selves or not commercial or outfits, principal used boots, skinny pants andleather jackets. Some punk use Mohawks, who was used by mohican tribe in the U.S.A. another hair styles, was invented to make fun of the crown in punk music, there are three commonof the queen instruments, a bass, a guitar and a drums.
The Etymology for punk refers to a ruffian, used more frequently in the United States than in Great Britain. Most of themusic is about political about anarchy, they hate the industries.
The punk music have a lot of transforms like; Post punk for example the cure band they are like gothics and allthe clothes is Black, New wave like Depeche mode bringing elements of punk rock music and fashion, Hardcore is characterized by the the screaming vocals and politically awarelyrics for example the casualities. Oi is another Their style was originally called streetpunk, or the original punk.
Finally the punk have a lot of time in the history and will bein the future with a loto f changes in the music, in the past was fashion but in this moment someone like the old ideas the anarchy is a way to think and the punk a lifestyle
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