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The Alternative Spanish Dictionary
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acabar (verb) to ejaculate or, more general to

surroundings of it and afterwards having her/his tongue introduced into the rectum completely. NOTE Literally, black kiss. It is a
termwidely known among promiscuous social stablishments in Spain, but also known as an act of supreme and refined taste among aristocrats in Spain, France and Italy for the last two centuries. It was considered as about the most pleasant act a female could do for a man, and is widely documented in French and Spanish Erotic Literature. Also, Spanish and French courtesans would appreciate the quality of agentleman´s manners by the way he would perform it. Nowadays, it is becoming a fashionable act, as tradition is recovered. bicho (noun) Refers to the male penis NOTE It is commonly use in Puerto Rico to refer to the male penis, not in a disrespectful way, but with a common street name. In South America it means a litle animal, something like a bug or spider. bollo (masc., noun) † cunt, pussy NOTEused in western Venezuela. Example: Tremendo bollo!! (Nice cunt!!!). Please note that in other areas of Venezuela it means 'mess' or 'trouble' so the same expression 'Tremendo bollo' would mean 'big mess' or 'deep trouble' in other areas of the same country. buscar flete to hunt for pussy, go looking for a

have an orgasm NOTE Used in Argentina.
Literally it means to finish. Ohhh, estoy poracabar !! meaning Ohhh, I'm going to have an orgasm !!. It's obvious when it's used. agilipollao (adj) stupid, fool NOTE In Spain. Derived from gilipollas. Ex. Estas agilipollao almeja (noun) † cunt (direct translation= clam)

A very strong word. DO NOT say it to a

lady! Used in phrases such as : "le comi la almeja" which means "I licked her cunt" arma (noun, fem.) penis NOTE Literally,this means "weapon"; pronounced "AR-mah". arrecho † horny NOTE Used in Peru and Ecuador for "horny" arrima tu prima fuck the hell out of your cousin

these are cool words around gentleman

asqueroso (adjective) smth. disgusting - una

cosa asquerosa
asqueroso,a (noun) disgusting person, asshole

bajar al pozo to eat pussy NOTE Cuban usage. Ex: A Pedro le gusta bajar al pozo....
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