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Dictionary of computer sciences

CPU: (Central Processing Unit) basically is the brain of the computer and allows the realization of all functions.
Keyboard: hardware that allows introduces instructions for the CPU through characters as letters and numbers.
Monitor: output device that displays images, videos and graphics.

Speakers: output device that are used to hear sounds.Motherboard: is the integrated circuit board of a computer and holds many of the crucial components of the system, we can say that is the most important part of the computer.

Printer: peripheral output device, it cans print text and images.

RAM: (random access memory), is where the computer stores the data that is used in the present moment. The storage is considered temporary because the dataand programs remain there while the computer is on or is not rebooted.

ROM :( Read only Memory), is a little amount of memory that saves the instructions for start the computer. In the ROM memory is not possible to write.

IP address: logical hierarchy that identifies a computer in the network. Each IP address is unique and different in the network.

Hardware: is the physical and tangiblepart of the computer.

Software: Computer logic components which are intangible just as the operating system.

Bit: smallest unit of data in a computer. It can have a value of 1 or 0.

BPS :( bits per second). Unit of measurement used to express the speed of data transfer bits.

Cache Memory: data storage area that provides high-speed access to the system.

E-learning: (Online learning),refers to using electronic methods to provide teaching materials, like CD-ROM, video conferences, online test and e-mail.

Firewall: A device or application installed on a network to protect it from unauthorized and malicious attacks.

Modem: Device that converts digital computer signals into a format that is sent and received over an analog telephone line.

NTFS :( New technology FileSystem). Windows file System designed to manage global and enterprise- level operating system.

Host: Hosts are computers that offer file transfer, remote connection, database servers, web servers, etc.

BIOS: (Basic Input-Output System), software incorporated in a chip of the motherboard that is the responsible to realize all the basic management functions and computer configuration.

CodeASCII: (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). Is a numeric code that represents characters, using a decimal scale from 0 to 127. These decimal numbers are converted by the computer in binary numbers to be then processed. Therefore, each of the letters you type will correspond to one of these codes.

Flash unit: portable device of massive storage.

Chassis: is the box that containsall the most important components of a PC, is a simple container that keeps inside hardware parts like hard drive, motherboard, RAM, etc.

Hard disk drive: Is a magnetic device that stores all programs and computer data. Its storage capacity is measured in gigabytes (GB); the hard drive is integrated into the motherboard where you can connect more than one.

Power Supply: has the function ofsupplying electric power to all computer components which are located inside the chassis.

ISP: (Internet service provider.) Company that provides Internet service to home users, such as the local phone or Cable Company.

Operative System: is a program of software that enables the communication between the hardware and software of the computer, without an operating system, the computerwould be useless.

Adware: software program that once installed, automatically displays advertising material on a computer.

Server: computer or device that is part of a network and provides network services to other computers called clients.

Shell: interface used to interact with the kernel of an operating system.

Antivirus: is software that helps to protect the computer from viruses,...
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