Did we land on the moon?

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Did we land on the Moon?

1. Watch the documentary “Did we land on the Moon?” in one of the following links:http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8724669346960634017&ei=vjhKTIGLGZHYrQLYs7HfBA&q=did+we+land+on+the+moon%3F#


2. After watching it, complete the following activities.I. Match the items on the left with the items on the right. (1 pt. each = 6 pts.)

|Americans went to the moon |4 was an inspector of the NASA program.|
|“Capricorn One” |5 couldn’t control the prototype of the craft and it crashed on earth. |
|Thomas RonaldBaron |2 was a film about faking a mission to Mars. |
|Brian O’Leary|6 is the radiation area around the Earth. |
|Armstrong |1 to beat the Russians.|
|Van Allen Belt |3 was one of the Apollo’s mission survivors. |

II. Write T(true) or F (false) next to each statement. (1 pt. each = 7 pts.)

1. F Apollo 16 was the first to land on the Moon.
2. F Sputnik was the first Russian missile launched to the Moon.
TYou can’t be shot or killed without warning if you enter Area 51.
3. T There were a lot of footprints around the spacecraft.
4. F We landed on the Moon the 20th of July, 1979.
5. TGrisson was the name of one of the three astronauts who died incinerated in the Apollo 1.
6. T 20 % of the people believe we never landed on the Moon.
7. T Crosshairs are the parallel...