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Teaching, learning, students, the teacher are concepts that involve this process in which humans get and share the knowledge. I used to think that to be a teacher it was something easy having the wrong idea of plan a method and just apply it!. It sounds simple but no really. In the practice I observed that is not just the technique, you have to have functional strategies according with the characteristics of yourstudents. In my case, I knew the sstrategies but did not know how to implement them in a method, I had many doubts. At the beginning of the course I was so expected to review the methods and the most popular strategies to cover the first. I enjoyed much planning my lessons with the conditions that the Teacher asked with different kind of strategies in an approach. It was just the push I needed to find out for sure. Etymologically didastékene Didactic comes from the Greek meaning Didas-teken-art teaching and then could be called the art of teaching but is also considered a science because it investigates and tests new techniques of teaching, Didactic is ascience and an art that contributes in the teaching-learning process by providing educational strategies for facilitating learning. Didactics Magna Comenius defined it as the universal device for teaching all things to all with speed, joy and effectiveness, and for the nineteenth century Herbart limits it in his concept as a set of educational and instructional. The above seems just theory, and it is, just that practice when you're in the act of planning. An art when are thinking how can you plan your English classes, what strategies will work on an approach or a didactic situation in a way that the creativity, coming from motivation, plays a important [continua]

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