Didactics how to teach modals in sport themes.

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Lesson goals

Topic: Sports and modal verbs.

Linguistic contents: Sports vocabulary and the use of the modal verbs “can, should and must”. The correct placement of modal verbs in sentences and questions.

Communication tasks

- For the use of “can” students will sing a song that includes lyrics, in this song the modal verb “can” is used several times, and its animation will make thestudents relate the contents of the song with vocabulary related to sports as well, e.g jump, swim, run.

- For the use of should, the students will be shown some flashcards in which people have problems and then they will be shown possible solutions in more flashcards so they will have to choose the one that best suits the situations.

- For the use of “must”, the students will see a red card andthey will listen to some sentences that teacher says, depending of each sentence they have to choose a circle with the correct answer and go on until the get to the goal.

Learning strategies

- for the use of modal verbs, students will be encouraged to notice what are they for by giving them examples so they can immediately relate for instance should with giving advices, the same way theysee it in their first language, if they see an ill person they will obviously choose, or make a relation with medicines or a doctor (should). The same is for can, when the students will be able to see if they can be able to do things, they will be asked if they can do activities with the help of the teacher and the flashcards.
The main strategy is that students notice as fast as possible what themodals are for.

Goal statements

- Using can.
*Sing a song (The teacher will show a video, he will move and dance according to what the panda bear is doing in the video. The students will follow the teacher and panda steps singing.)
*Powerpoint (The teacher will speak and explain to clarify what should means, the students will listen and ask if they have questions, then they will completeand choose sentences in the powerpoint by turns)

- Using should.
*Flashcards (The teacher will show the flashcards of problems and solutions, the students will have to select the most suitable solution)
*Powerpoint presentation (The teacher will speak and explain to clarify what should means, the students will listen and ask if they have questions, then they will complete and choose sentencesin the powerpoint by turns)

- Using must

*Powerpoint presentation (The teacher will explain the instruction to clarify what students have to do in the next activity)
* Red card (Listening) (The teacher will show to students a red card with circles, and images of sport inside of this. The students’ will have to listen the sentence that the teacher will says, and they have to cross the rightcircle and go on until they get to the goal)

- A summary.
*Powerpoint and flashcards (The teacher will now speak and make a summary, the students will listen, then the teacher will mix sentences using the three seen modal verbs so the students will have to discriminate and answer what the teacher asks to them)

1. Preparation

The topic of modal verbs is presented by each one of us (Mauro,Francisco, Benjamin) with a brief explanation. The idea is that the students get the idea of what they are going to see before they see it, so they can have expectations about what is going to shown to them.
They can compare the modals with what they do in their native language e.g. to say what they are able to do, to give advice or to order and prohibit something..

2. Presentation / ModelingThe teacher will have to ask the students to open their books and copybooks, and to go to the page where modal verbs are introduced so the students will know how it is written and they will have some idea of what it is. The teacher will ask if any of them have ever heard the words ‘modal verb’. The most probable answer is going to be ‘no’, so then the teacher will make them know what are...
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