Diferent educative modalities

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  • Publicado : 20 de enero de 2012
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Throughout history education has been a must in the development of societies that’s why it’s considered that the development of a country lies in the educationaladvancement of its citizens. That is why education is sought to reach all, to everybody, efficient and effective; therefore it has been established various educational levels for which we must pass:preschool, primary, secondary, high school, etc.
The rapid growth of population has created several problems in various fields, in the case of education has seen a sharp shortfall in the supply ofservices, which is why we have created various educational methods to meet the needs of sectors of the population that need it. A brief description of each of the modalities that can currently be found inthe mexican education system.

Scholarized modality

For some time, the face mode is most often used, where the meeting between teacher and student has been face to face. This involves closecoordination in time and space, that is, education is conducted in the same place and time converges to the central actors.
School education refers to the education system institutionalized,chronologically graded and hierarchically structured. It requires a physical space (classroom) and some level of complementary infrastructure (furniture, toilets, etc). It also requires the presence of a teacherand students in a given time.
It is all educational offerings known as compulsory schooling. Corresponds to a set curriculum, usually controlled by the government. It has different degrees ofobligation according to each country's educational system.

Semi-schooled Education

It is the combination of schooled and distance education models. The sessions in this mode are aimed at those who wishto continue their professional training and whose activities require time and flexibility in educational spaces. The training of students takes place through interaction with educational materials...
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