Difference between basic road assistance and insurance:

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GOAL: To increase the culture of the hearing to provide an emergency service fast and efficient.
INTRODUCTION: People believe thatthese two assists are equal so when in a situation of emergency, service coordinators are complicated relief to people in a more rapid and efficient as they have to adhere to the coverage of each ofthe accounts and have to explain basic concepts los.

BASIC ROAD ASSISTANCE: That which is given to the user when the car has mechanical or electrical problems, and have no visible damage (by this wemean a blow, however minimal this is visible if the situation becomes sinister, just as if the car is missing somewhere, or if more than one of the tires are in good condition, or if the wheel isdamaged, or if lightning pavement). This assistance is in charge of moving the car into home or you choose to shop and / or the nearest dealer depending on the account. The minimum amount of coveredexpenses each of d depends on the accounts. (These are divided into special accounts (VIP) and simple accounts.

INSURANCE: That which is provided when the user had a crash, or visible damage to the car,broken glass, collision with another car, retaining walls, poles, trees, theft of tires, when a third person other wheels poach car, scratches, etc.. This assistance takes care of all necessary legalsteps and moves the car to one of the workshops in which the insurer has an agreement, and is responsible for repairing the car, then handing the car to the user, is also responsible for the medicaldamages if any. The amount of covered expenses limit d depends on each of the accounts and / or policies which are determined by the insurer in question.
Examples of accounts and VIP SPECIAL: Theseare all the Clamps, and some cards or memberships. VIP accounts are because they have more benefits than the basic

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