Differences between american history and colombian history

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Differences between the American history and Colombian history

Colonial Era

In the U.S the colonial period started in 1620 and finished in 1763. In Colombia started in 1533.The U.S colonial period had big difference with Colombia colonial period . First, the goal of the process of colonization. Many people from Great Britain came to America for asearch of political and religious freedom. In Great Britain the king was James I and he expulsed many people because they had another ideals. These people called thepilgrims arrived in Jamestown’s expedition to explore new lands and to settle in .
In Colombia Colonial period Spanish people came to America to explore new lands and the necessitywas to find new wealth like Gold and goods. When the Spanish settled in America discovered Santa Marta in 1525 and Cartagena In 1533. The goal was to conquer mineral resourcesfor the royal crown in Spain. The Spanish interchanged mirrors for gold and other minerals with the Indians .
Another difference was the dealing with the Indians. In thecolonial period the American colonists had a good dealing with the Indians. the Cherokees helped the colonists to survive, they taught them how to build houses and how to farmcorn and tobacco. At the beginning the relationship was good but later they displaced the Indians from their lands. In Colombia the relationship with the Indians wasn’t reallygood. They were treated like wild animals with forced labor and the lost of their lands.
Other difference is the mixture of races. In the U.S colonial period the mixture of raceswasn’t very common but in Colombia Colonial period there were different kind of races, like Indians with African slaves; Spanish with Indians; and other ones. There was a...
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