Differencia entre matrimonio coreano y americano

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  • Publicado : 8 de noviembre de 2011
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To give or not, to invite or not

Have you ever imagined of your future wedding? If you are Korean, you would have probably thought about a luxurious wedding with a lot of people present. For mostpeople in the world, wedding is a big event in life. People plan their future with the person they love and they promise their love in front of people. However, did you know that such an importantevent like this is differently perceived in different countries? Korea and the United States are good examples. Korean culture view marriage as a union of two families while American culture focuses onthe union between two people, which can be shown especially in ‘gifts’ and ‘guests’.
The different view of the wedding in America and Korea is clearly seen by the gifts involved in the wedding. InKorea, when a new couple decides to marry, they give presents not only to each other’s parents but also to each other’s close relatives. However, in the United States, it is very unusual to give gifts torelatives. Before the wedding day, Korean couple’s family exchange some crucial things: gifts of clothing and jewelry between the bride and the groom called Paemul; gifts given to the significant kinof the groom called Yedan; and gifts of cash from the groom’s kin to the bride called Cholgap. The practice of giving these gifts really depends on the family, but the majority of the people stillfollow this custom. Another thing that is worth to be pointed out is that the guests prepare money as a gift in order to help the wedding expense of both families. On the other hand, in the UnitedStates, the bride and the groom make lists of things they want to receive for wedding present. These things are mainly for the bride and the groom rather than for the family.
Moreover, the guests thatare invited to the wedding also differ between Korea and America. In Korea, the couple invites all their acquaintances. The number of guests is considered to be important in Korea, so many people are...