Different kinds of jobs

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Daniela Orozco
Mrs. Martinez
ESL III writing
Assigment: 1st pharagraph

I Get a job.
A. Place to work
The posiblitity of being studying in SWAU english brings me many opportunitiessome of them are the places where I can work and the possition I can get.

a. Private schools
As an example of some places to work can be private school. This kind of schools can offer me a goodsalary since the begining a difference from public schools. Private school joy of a good enviroment. That make me feel confortable an secure. Another advantage of private schools is the costums andrules that we should follow. Also private schools have God present, in the classrooms, in prayers. Always make some space to worship. Finally private schools are located in downtown and is eassyto arrive to them a diference from almos all the public schools.

b. Public schools
Public schools are another option to ask for a job. Public schools also have good things like private schools.Actually I think this kind of schools have more good cualities in my personal point of view. This kind of schools offer less salary at the beginig but it grows up constantly. The raice of yoursalary depends on how long have you been working there and how much have you been improving your skills, or if you have been stufying more refered to your carrer. When you show them that you have beenstudying and renewing your skiils they can promove you as a principal, or area supervisor. Also the good think of work here is that they can move you to a better locations to work, it means nearest tothe city. When christmas comes they give you a bonus it means extra money because of the hollydays. Another thing that I know is important is your health insurance. The goverment protect you becuaseyou are working for them.

B. Kind of job
There are many places where you can work but also different positions that you can choose. Doesnt matter in wich place.

a. Full time teacher...
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