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Hero Arenas and Choosing heroes
By SD_Ryoko
* Introduction
* Basic Hero Setup
* Creating Wisps
* Rules about Choosing Heroes
* Creating heroes with Triggers
* Repick Trigger
* Summary
This tutorial is about creating an area for a player to choose his hero. This is most common in hero arena maps, where players are given a wisp, or 'chooserunit' and can select which hero they want to play. This tutorial will cover how to create an area for choosing heroes, and how to set up the triggers that create them.
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Basic Hero Setup
The setup we are going to use today is seen in many hero arena maps. There will be a group of heroes in a remote location on the map, with a circle of power next to each hero. Each player isgiven a wisp, and a hero is created when they step inside the circle.
We will need to designate an area on the map for your heroes. For every available choice, we will need one hero, one circle of power and one region. The hero on the map is only to show the player which hero they can choose, and nothing more. The hero should belong to neutral passive, so they don't wander or attack anyone.If you need to, you can make the heroes invunerable at map initalization, to prevent players from attacking them.
The circle of power in front of it is where the wisp should go to choose that hero. We will also need a region inside the circle of power. For now, we will start with two heroes in this example.
* Place a hero on the map for every hero your map has.
* Create a circle ofpower somewhere near the hero.
* Create a region that fits inside the circle of power.
* Heroes should belong to neutral passive.

Create an area for choosing heroes.
Creating Wisps
Every player in the game will need a wisp (or other chooser type unit) to select which thero they want to play. When the game starts, we would like each player to be looking at the available heroes, sowe will create the player starting locations somewhere in that area. Do not place the starting units to close to eachother, or sometimes the wisp cannot be created there.
Next we will need to create the wisps. It is easy to place a wisp for each player near the heroes, but if a player is not present, there will be an inactive wisp sitting on the map. I prefere to create a wisp only forplayers in the game, so we are going to create the wisps for each player using a trigger. Also, my trigger will only make a wisp for human controlled players that are in the game, and not spectating or defeated.
* Create a starting location for each player near your heroes.
* Add a trigger that creates a wisp for each player.
-------------------------------------------------Create Wisp
Map initialization
Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions)
Loop - Actions
If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)-------------------------------------------------
If - Conditions
((Picked player) controller) Equal to User
((Picked player) slot status) Equal to Is playing
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