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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2010
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Laura Escobar Garcia 7363130
Professor: DR. Edson Luiz Riccio
The diplomatic service as a tool to interact in the International system
A comparative research between the diplomatic carrier inColombia and Brazil
1. Introduction
i. Definition of external policy
ii. What is diplomacy? What is it for?
iii. History of diplomacy in Brazil and Colombiaiv. Problem definition
v. Research question
vi. Aim

2. Diplomacy as the axis of the foreign policy (Colombia-Brazil)
a. Diplomacy: Form differencesvii. Time
viii. Contests
ix. Entry facilities
x. Accessibility

b. Opportunities and incentives
xi. Facility to ascend in the working placexii. Salary

c. Foreign policy consequences and future perspectives
xiii. Number of embassies
xiv. International impact

3. Conclusion
Nowadays,one of the main issues in the international relations relays on the way of how the different governments and organizations agree to build the architecture of the international system. To do so, theymake use of an instrument called Foreign Policy. The Foreign Policy of a country determines the behavior of one state among the international system and the interactions of itself with others actors,especially others nations.  
In this sense, diplomacy is one tool that allows plan and execute the Foreign Policy through diplomats who are in charge of negotiation and representation of the nationalinterest of the state they stand for. Many authors has dedicated their work to make a contribution in the topic of diplomatic relations, one of them is JOYCE who says that diplomacy is the art ofconducting international affairs between states. However, the study of international relations is barely new and today’s affront structural challenges, for example the diplomatic career.
There are not...
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