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No. Author Title Pages Date Note PDF
DP2011-21 Hirofumi YAMAMURA On Coalitional Stability and Single-peakedness 26pp. 2011-5 pdf
DP2011-20 Ken-Ichi AKAO
Kazuo NISHIMURA Monotonicity and Continuity of the Critical Capital Stock in the Dechert-Nishimura Model 17pp. 2011-4 pdf
DP2011-19 Takashi KAMIHIGASHI Discrete Choice and Complex Dynamics inDeterministic Optimization Problems 26pp. 2011-4 pdf
DP2011-18 Akinobu SHUTO
Takuya IWASAKI Stable shareholdings, the decision horizon problem, and patterns of earnings management 54pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-17 Masashi HOSHINO Measurement of GDP per capita and regional disparities in China, 1979–2009 42pp. 2011-3
(Revised 2011-4) pdf
DP2011-16 Evgeny ZHELOBODKO
Jacques-François THISSE Monopolistic Competition in General Equilibrium: Beyond the CES 41pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-15 Carl GAIGNÉ
Stéphane RIOU
Jacques-François THISSE Are compact cities environmentally friendly? 33pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-14 Toshihiro OKUBO
Pierre M. PICARD
Jacques-François THISSE No trade, one-way or two-way trade? 35pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-13Yoichi MATSUMOTO Komatsu's business model through the product lifecycle 22pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-12 Matthew A. COLE
Toshihiro OKUBO Environmental Outsourcing 40pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-11 Toshihiro OKUBO Anti-agglomeration Subsidies with Heterogeneous Firms 26pp. 2011-3 Forthcoming in Journal of Regional Science pdf
DP2011-10 Ken-Ichi SHIMOMURA
Takehiko YAMATOImpact of Ethnicities on Market Outcome: Results of Market Experiments in Kenya 26pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-09 LE Viet Trung
Nguyen Thi Thuy VINH The impact of oil prices, real effective exchange rate and inflation on economic activity: Novel evidence for Vietnam 31pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-08 Masayoshi MARUYAMA
LE Viet Trung Modern Retailers in Transition Economies: The Case of Vietnam53pp. 2011-3 pdf
DP2011-07 Aradhna AGGARWAL
Takahiro SATO Firm Dynamics and Productivity Growth in Indian Manufacturing: Evidence from Plant Level Panel Dataset 58pp. 2011-2 pdf
DP2011-06 Toshihiro OKUBO
Eiichi TOMIURA Productivity distribution, firm heterogeneity, and agglomeration: Evidence from firm-level data 32pp. 2011-2 pdf
DP2011-05 Michael ARTIS
Toshihiro OKUBODoes International Trade Really Lead to Business Cycle Synchronization?—A panel data approach 17pp. 2011-1 pdf
DP2011-04 Masahiko SHIBAMOTO
Yoshiro TSUTSUI Note on the Interpretation of Convergence Speed in the Dynamic Panel Model 8pp. 2011-1 pdf
DP2011-03 Nir KSHETRI
Ralf BEBENROTH Sources of Global Heterogeneity in Retail Spending 35pp. 2011-1 pdf
DP2011-02 Tadashi ITOToshihiro OKUBO New Aspects of Intra-Industry trade: Evidence from EU-15 countries 33pp. 2011-1 pdf
DP2011-01 Katsushi S. IMAI
Raghav GAIHA
Ganesh THAPA Role of Agriculture in Achieving MDG 1 in Asia and the Pacific Region 59pp. 2011-1 pdf
DP2010-36 Rikard FORSLID
Toshihiro OKUBO On the development strategy of countries of intermediate size - An analysis of heterogenous firms in a...
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