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Basic Function:
The basic function of Lacasa nougats is to satisfy a hungry satisfaction as well as a caprice satisfaction and also to have good moments eating this product.
Mandatory Services:
The mandatory services in a product chain are services like quality controls, packaging and expiration date.
Added Services:
Distribution channels and label image.DIMENSIONS OF PRODUCT:
Basic benefit:
They look forward to give us a pleasure moment tasting all the different varieties of his nougat.
Basic product:
The basic product is a portion of nougat around 150-200 grams involved in a little cardboard box and cutted in a traditional form (rectangle form).
Expected product:
Customers expect different varieties of nougat with new flavours everyyear.
Increased product:
This brand provides a supreme quality of nougat and a continue flavour innovation as well as a range of healthy.

They do advertisements every year with familiar characters like Paz Padilla or Carlos Latre.
This year Anne Igartiburu will be his brand image.

Potential product:
The brand gives a personality symbol that distinguish to his customers from the rest of thesociety, the product follow a renovation process in order to be adapted to his customer life style.

What Benefit?
The main benefit provided is to enjoy different combinations of flavours but always keeping in mind the shape and cut of the traditional nougat and added value to the product.
Who? (Target)
The target of Lacasa nougats goes from Childs (5-12 years) to adults, butthe key target of this product is the segment of the population between 30-60 years because they are in possession of the economic resources to buy the product.
Now a days, the strongest target is the people between 35 and 49. These people belongs to the upper-middle class.
This product is usually included in Christmas baskets so an important target to consider would be the companies.
They work with a semi automatic machinery to roll or press evenly the nougat in to the moulds or onto the tables in manual or semi automatic processes.

They also use a wide range of cutters with cooling tunnels and lines to unload, roll, laminate and cut nougat.

Lacasa nougats are included in the category of tangible and perishable products. This kind ofproduct is bought by consumers, normally during Christmas but also is bought by companies all around the world as a gift included in the Christmas basket.
This product is a convenience product because it appeals to a very large market segment and are generally consumed regularly and purchased frequently during Christmas season. In this case, throughout the years the gastronomic culture hasinfluenced the habits of consume of this kind of product setting that the right time to buy it is on Christmas season as a gift to offer to the family and friends.
Nougat could be considered a non-searched good (impulse) if it is obtained in a time of the year different to Christmas. Nougat is usually low-priced and is widely available during Christmas.
Nougats are bought rationally because theconsumer makes his decision based on the attributes or features of the nougat (quality of the ingredients, variety of ingredients, with sugar or sugar free and so on…) rather than for the emotional benefits provided by the nougat.

We are going to base the positioning map on product attributes. The key attributes of Lacasa nougat are the wide variety of ingredients and tastes theyoffer to the consumer every year renewing this variety time to time.
This constant renewing allows them to have almost 54 different varieties of nougat differentiating from competitors as a brand that continuously innovates.
So in the graphic we will see price and references and we will compare Lacasa attributes with the most powerful competitors of nougat in the market.

Lacasa nougats have...
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