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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2010
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Unfortunately in our society there´s a big problem regarding disabled people. The disabled people is consider someone to be disabled for the purpose of the act if they have a physical or mental impairment wish affects substantial and long-term adverse effect on their capacities to carry out normal activities day to day.
Although we most remark thatspecial rules apply to certain impairments such as progressive conditions. For example, people with cancer, HIV and sclerosis.
Also, in the case of mental illness, doesn’t have to be clinically recognized before it´s judged to be a mental impairment for the act.
Some certain conditions are not valid as impairments like alcohol addiction, drugs or a tendency to start fires, steal or physicallyabuse others.
In the other hand, talking about work, disabled people employers have reasonable adjustments to their premises, practices and procedures because obviously they have a substantial disadvantage compared with non-disabled workers.
Fortunately now technological advances give the opportunity to become an active social person with less restriction. For instance:
Eye trackingtechnologies to allow the use of computers by people with low mobility.
Lower limb orthosis powered by pneumatic muscle actuators.
Request for a gliding machine that is easy to operate for disabled people
Watch for remote monitoring of disabled people
An innovative method and apparatus for disabled people
Medical device to evaluate the mobility ranges of thehuman body
A bookshelf for disabled people
Climbing robot for jobs in structure and surfaces
Does asymmetric information promote talented people
An extensive point of view is that there are many products and resources for disabled people, from clothing, communication devices, and home automation, medication and mobility implement in our society. But more importantare the services transportation access. For example, in the United Kingdom the Department of Transport Users, or motorists-while also improving accessibility through the law of disability discrimination Act 2005 to improve civil rights for disabled people.
This example remarks the level of importance that has to be taking into account regards disabled people and also shows the level ofseriousness of the matter in contradiction with our country. In Colombia the laws are just in the beginning and nowadays are not totally certain. For example, “Decreto 1355 de 2008, el artículo 19 dela ley 1151 de 2007”. The people conscious in this country has to be educated and in some cases it has to be forced for the authorities though the laws of The Civil Code.
It´s positive to say that Colombiaare getting conscious through the law, for example the MIO in Cali is equipment and also made thinking about disabled people. People can access this transport without problems. That is a pretty good example that shows how Colombia is advancing in technological and structural resources for those people. But the huge problematic is the monetary resources because there is necessary to rebuild thecities and the public transportation to guaranty the proper access to disabled people.
Some of the facts in Colombia are for example in Bogota 50% of the disabled people are mobile disability, that in terms of resources requires a wheel chair. A normal wheel chair cost about $500.000.oo and an electric wheel chair cost about $4´700.000.oo. Considerate that in January, 2008 the percent ofunemployment was 12,3 % and in numbers it is at least 2’800.000 of the total of the population.
One of the most discussed topics is the priority that must be the community living for Disabled People. “The European Day of People with disabilities, the European coalition for community Living (ECCL) calls on the Members States to take concrete steps to end the institutionalization of people with...
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