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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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In the last years, there has been a change in the world that has affected the way of living in many countries. The way in which the new generations behave it is, for manysocieties, a problem because most of the time it is not acceptable how the young people want to live or how they do not care and think about the consequences of their actions. Sometimes it is said that thelack of discipline it is the answer of why they behave like they do and perhaps it is a good answer as there are some reasons that make that possible such as the fact that at the moment some women wantto be like men and they do not take ware of their children.

One of the good changes that there have been in many countries is the equality among men and women. It has been a controversybecause as in many religions and societies, women are seen as people that just are born to be in the house and to have babies and they are not considered as important as men. It was not a bad decision togive the same rights of men to women as it is easier to get a job for women when they have to support their families, because they are single parents. However, the problem is when it is thought that ifyou, as a woman, have the same rights of a man you can do everything a man does and when some women get married, they prefer to work just as their husbands instead of worrying about their children.It is obvious that a woman can work, but also it is obvious that when no one takes care of children, they are used to doing whatever they want although it is wrong. But perhaps they do not know becausethere is not someone who can tell them what it is bad or good. Sometimes you do not need someone to teach you about good and bad things because you can do it on your own, but it is necessary thatsomeone can do it as you could know how to behave to avoid troubles.

Actually there are a lot of factors that can be the cause of why young people behave as they do it. Obviously, each one is...