Discourse Analysis

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Grammar III
Discourse Analysis
Practical Work N°1

In the text below:
1. Find formal and contextual links.
2. Spot theories of discourse.

The Foolish Frog
Once upon a time a big,fat frog lived in a tiny shallow pond. He knew every plant and _ stone in it, and he could swim across it easily. He was the biggest creature in the pond, so he was very important. When he croaked, thewater snails listened politely. And the water beetles always swam behind him. He was very happy there.

One day, while he was catching flies, a pretty dragonfly past by. "You're a very fine frog,"she sang, "but why don't you live in a bigger pond _? Come to my pond. You'll find a lot of frogs there. You'll meet some fine fish _, and you'll see the dangerous ducks _. And you'll see our lovelywater lilies _. Life in a large pond is wonderful!"
"Perhaps it is rather dull here”, thought the foolish frog. So he hopped after the dragonfly.
But he didn't like the big, deep pond. It was fool ofstrange plants. The water-snails were rude to him, and he was afraid of the ducks. The fish didn't like him, and he was the smallest frog there. He was lonely and unhappy.
He sat on a water lily leafand croaked sadly to himself, "I don't like it here. I think I'll go home tomorrow."
But a hungry heron flew down and swallowed him up for supper.

The End

Reference: Make your point
by: M GAlexander & M C Vincent

1-Conjunction: Enhancement, Spatio-temporal.
2- Theme and rheme: Topics
3- Anaphoric reference
4-Exophoric Reference
5-Ellipsis: _
6-Conjunction:extension: Addition
7-Referring expression
8- Conjunction: Causal
9- Lexical relationships:
10- Dummy pronoun: It
11-Conjunction: Adversative
12- Substitution: Nominal

Lexical relationships:-Comparison: a bigger pond.
* Creature: water snails, water beetles, flies, dragonfly, frog, fish, ducks, heron.
* Plants: water lilies, water lily leaf

-Repetition, lexical...
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