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  • Publicado : 9 de octubre de 2010
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Diego Hernandez
Period 6 327585

Fast food and Workers

In this essay, I will be talking about a very common situation among people. Most people don’t have a goodnutrition because they don t have time to prepare a healthy meal when they are working. The problem is that the kinds of work that most people do, don t allow them to keep a healthy diet. Consequently, theygo to eat fast food without looking at the problems that they can have. If you eat a meal like this every day, you will have bad problems. That can have serious harmful consequences to your body.

Iwill be talking about important points such as eating a good nutrition despite the time available for having a healthy meal. And the other point is that if there is a good nutrition, there will notbe disturbances in your body.

Sometimes people working long hours at work is difficult for them to have a good nutrition. For them it is easy to hang out street and buy the first thing they see. Butthe most common is selling fast food close to their toils. That, according to the people, is easier for them.

If they do not watch their diet, they may have possible serious illnesses in theirbody like diabetes and obesity. That is most common in young, children and adults but this would go directly to persons that will keep them at work or school well not have a good feeding and may sufferfrom such disorders in your body if they do not a correctly diet.

Please follow the next indication:

Parents stressed and get tired if they do not need to cook a lot of food. But, what they cando is that they can make rice, salad or beans, which is very healthy. Tea is also a very effective beverage for lunch at work. This is another way to save money on fast food, and keep good health. Youcan make a daily routine that you can prepare meals that are not so difficult to prepare. I know you will benefit your health and your kitchen to try healthy snacks and easy to do and not go to fast...
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