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While discussing the possibilities of such a robot for
executing certain autonomous functions, it should be
pointed out, that the peculiarity of the application of this
equipment, first of allrequires fulfillment of the
appropriate procedures and requirements pertaining to
the equipment for the Security Services, and also absolute
obedience of robot according to the guidance of theoperator.
The choice of the sensors is an important parameter by
the design of UGV: thanks to the use of distance sensors,
robot can react unaided to the appearing obstacles, can
avoid collision, canindependently move in front or
behind operator, or at the defined distance from wall
(which is crucial under conditions of heavy smokiness,
when the legibility of the image from cameras is limited).Possible are also more advanced procedures enabling
independent movements of robot in an unknown
environment, or along a determined path. Thanks to this,
such a robot can independently execute thetask
consisting in monitoring of the areas (e.g. affected by
chemical or bacteriological contamination) or in the case
of fading of radio transmission, return to the operator
independently.The very essence of the VIEW-FINDER Intelligent
Information System is to integrate disparate elements
involved in a crisis situation into an info-structure that
allows information to be exchangedreadily between all of
those elements: crisis centres, relevant forces dealing with
the crisis (fire fighters, de-bombing squads, police, etc.),
robotics platforms and sensors. It implied theimplementation of 3D Laser and Stereo-vision
reconstruction algorithms, the computation of the
traversability of the field wherein the robots move, SLAM
algorithms, and an autonomous behaviour basednavigation combining way-points trajectories, Joystick
correction, obstacle avoidance, chemical sensing and

5.3. Under Sea Vehicles (USV)
Underwater robots with many degrees of freedom that...