Discurso sobre algo historico en mi cumpleaños

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Audience Analysis: What they expect to learn? The learning outcome will be to create awareness of a historical event that occurred during my birth date. What customizing needs to be done? Inclusionof how men contributed to successes or failures in the progression of Profession Women’s Basketball. Why are they there? As a class, we must all participate in oral and written communication as wellas attentive listening in order to increase our levels of speech. What are their demographics? The attendance will consist of a variety of races and ethnic backgrounds. People from various walks inlife will be attending; some may be fluent in the game of basketball, other not so much.
Topic: Progression of Women’s Professional Basketball
General Purpose To inform
Specific Purpose Afterlistening to my speech the audience will recognize the adversity that Women’s Professional Basketball has had to overcome.
Thesis Women’s Basketball is a prime example of overcoming adversity to offercareer avenues for women who desire to be involved professional sports.
I. (visual support) I will provide a contrast of what we see Professional Basketball today looking like and whatbasketball has looked like in the past. This will support my claim that Women’s Professional Basketball has come a long way.

II. Sound bite – Women’s has been around since late 1800’s but wasn’tformed professionally until late 1900’s

III. When we think or view basketball and women, we may associate a local league, or perhaps the well known WNBA. But what many times gets over looked is thehistory and steps the sport and it’s participants have had to face in lure of getting to this point. In my sharing to you today I’m hopeful that you’ll receive insight and appreciation for theDevelopment of Women’s Basketball as I share: A. Womens Basketball early stages and it’s Development prior to its Launch in December of 1978, B. The unfolding of Professional Women’s During the late 70’s...