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Student's Name: …Davila Bravo Eber Deny …………......BEGINNERS III Teacher's name: Mag. Patricia Ugaz Solórzano Date: 18/02/ 2012 I. LISTENING: (10 points) En este ejercicio deberás ir a este enlace y escuchar el video para dar respuestas a las siguientes preguntas: A. VIDEO N° 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNRZaS-n8Bk ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS ACCORDING TO THE VIDEO: 1. What did he do yesterday? Hewanted to see a movie 2. Did he see "Titanic"? No, he didn´t 3. How was the film? It was very exciting 4. Where did she go with her family? She went to eat with her family 5. Write some sentences in Past tense from the video: I saw star wars We went to sizzlers. B.- VIDEO N° 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6L1QXzOVhM&feature=related ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS ACCORDING TO THE VIDEO: 1. Where didshe go in her vacation? She went to the beach 2. Did she go with her boyfriend? No, she didn´t 3. Where did they stay there? They stayed at the hotel 4. How long did they stay at the beach? It was three or four days 5. How was her vacation? It was very fun

1. - Choose the correct alternative (5 pts)
1. The teacher always gives The students homework. methem you 2. I am reading the book to my little sister. Her us him 3. The boys are riding their bikes. It them her 4. My father is writing a letter to John. Me her him I don’t know the answer. She her 6.

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Sally is going to Аnne. her him Open the window, please. it them




8. Can you tell the people the way to the airport please? You them us 9.The books are for Peter. Him her you 10. Can you help my sister and me, please? Her me us



2. - Which is the correct alternative? (5 pts) 6. 1. I s there a cup here? Yes, there is one. Yes, it is. 2. Are there twenty pencils in this box? Yes, there are ten. Yes, there are. 3. Is there a computer in the library? Yes, you are not. Yes, there is one. 4. Is there a dog in this house? Yes,there is a dog. Yes, there are two houses. 5. Are there ten boys here? Yes, there are twelve. Yes, there are.

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Are there four books on the desk? Yes, you are. Yes, there are.

7. Are there twenty cigarettes in this packet? Yes, there are. Yes, there is. 8. Is there a book about computers in the library? Yes, there is one. Yes, there are one. 9. Are therethree rabbits in the garden? No, there isn’t three rabbits. No, there aren’t three rabbits. 10. Is there a man in the bath? Yes, there are. Yes, there is.

3.- Look at the House and circle TRUE OR FALSE (5 pts) 1. There are stairs in the house. 2. There are three bedrooms in the house. 3. There are four chairs in the kitchen. 4. There are armchairs in the sitting room. 5. There is a picture inthe bedroom. 6. There is a mirror in the bedroom. 7. There is a vase on the end table. 8. There is a sofa in the sitting room. 9. There are four lamps in the house. 10. There is a table in the living room.

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True false True false True false True false True false True false True false True false True false True false

It is the end of theafternoon. Mrs Turner is coming back from school. She is carrying two heavy bags so she is tired. She asks her children to help her. They refuse and they say that they are washing up. Her husband says that he is writing a report so he can not help. Mrs turner sees what they are really doing and she decides to go to a restaurant. She is furious with her family!

1.2 Circle true or false 1. Is MrsTurner happy with her family? 2. Are her children helping mrs turner? 3. Are the bags heavy? 4. Is her husband writing a report?

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true true true true

false false false false

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1.2 Choose the correct alternative 1. What is her husband doing? 2. Where is Mrs Turner coming back? 3. Where is Mrs Turner going? 4. How many...
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