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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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if it works as a freelance or independent designer and micro enterprises can gain greater amounts of moneyworking independently can charge your own prices for your own and not what you pay in companies that have a specific wage
you paid for your creativityand imagination for your ideas is not like other races which are very laborious and heavy work they ask
most companies hire graphic designers
if allgoes well you can get the same publicity and additional places to work
if you are good designer can work in magazines or newspapers, which is where heearns a little money
You can work from home

if your job is not good does not generate sales
if you have no intellect creativeideas and your work will be bad no one bought it
is one of the races that he devotes more time
if you work in a company will have a fixed salaryif you work in business and the work is not convincing or failure are likely to run you
run the risk of working in a company that you work many hours,if you are exploited
Many graduates of the race but not all have the same chance of working because there are many

In the choice test does notcontain any English. Once inside it is the curriculum are not matters that relate to English.
Graphic design is not related in any way with English that is whyit contains nothing on the subject, graphic design handles other matters which may be the basis of color, color history, web page creation etc. No English
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