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A project made possible by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Student & Academic Services
Lynda Tam, Director, Academic Affairs Tina Pietrangelo, Coordinator, Administrative Services Fine Arts Student Ambassador & Mentor (FASAM) Research Contributors: Sky Fairchild-Waller, Dance Anne Hogan, Visual Arts Laura Kelly, Music Vivian-Sofia Mora, Visual ArtsFelicia Morrison, Fine Arts Cultural Studies Wendy Ryder, Theatre Charlotte Stevens, Film Career Centre Research Contributors: Dianne Twombly, Manager, Programs & Services Sandra Yu, Front-line Advisor Over the course of an intense period of research, our FASAMs sought out professionals in their own field to help inform and guide their research. Without the following individuals' time andconsideration, this Guide would not have been possible. Special thanks to: Carol Anderson, Lisette Canton, Andrea England, Suzanne Jaeger, Yam Lau, Laura Levin, Jennifer Malisani, Mitchell Marcus, Peter McKinnon, Angela Norwood, Bruce Parsons, Teresa Przybylski, Catherine Robbin, Judith Rudakoff, Don Sinclair, Elissa Strome, Sarah Whitaker, Mark Wilson Designed by: Adrienne Lenardon Edited by: SkyFairchild-Waller

Letter from the Editor First Steps Conducting a Job Search Conducting a Job Search Careers in… Dance Design Film Fine Arts Cultural Studies Music Theatre Visual Arts Internships for All Networking Resumes & Cover Letters Interviews Grants Self-Employment 13 15 17 19 21 25 30 33 38 41 45 48 52 4 5 9


In early January, eight FASAMswere given a mission to participate in a research project to create a "really, really" useful guide to careers in the arts for students in our faculty. Several weeks later, we met with staff from Fine Arts Student & Academic Services and the Career Centre, to discuss how we could put our minds together to make a truly useful resource guide for students, just like us. The fruits of our collectivelabours have resulted in what you are (hopefully!) about to read. Our aim? #1 - To provide you with information you may be unfamiliar with. #2 - To assist you in undertaking your own research. #3 - To make finding a career that’s right for you as simple as possible. What you are about to read is a cross-section of information from the fields of Dance, Design, Film, Fine Arts Cultural Studies, Music,Theatre, and Visual Arts. This is by no means an all-encompassing encyclopedia of “HowTo’s,” but a collection of websites, programs, internships, grants, contacts, organizations, and supplementary information we think might assist you on your way to a fulfilling career. If you read this document, and think “Geez, these guys are missing a lot!” chances are, you’re right! There is no way we couldhope to cover every single base, of every single artistic discipline, from all over the world. But, if you walk away having learnt something you didn’t know before, we’re satisfied that our hundreds of hours of work will have been worth it. As you browse through the Guide, keep in mind that there may be information of interest in sections that are not dedicated to your particular discipline. I knowfrom experience - when I was compiling all of this information, I snagged a couple of resources from both the Fine Arts Cultural Studies and Music sections, which I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to consider. When you have time, look through as much of this as you can - we promise it’ll be worth it! Okay. Enough prefacing. Go read, and good luck!

Sky Fairchild-Waller, Editor



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