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  • Publicado : 23 de agosto de 2012
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40GXC / 38GXC 40GXQ / 38GXQ Inverter---Driven High Wall Duct---Free Split System Sizes 009 to 024

Product Data
The 38GXC(Q)/40GXC(Q) inverter driven duct-free split systems are a matched combination of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor fan coil unit connected only by refrigerant tubing andwires. The fan coil is mounted on the wall, near the ceiling. This selection of fan coils permits inexpensive and creative solutions to design problems such as:


Add-ons to current space (sun room) Special space requirements When adding air conditioning to spaces that are heated by hydronic or electric heat and have no ductwork. Historical renovations or any application wherepreserving the look of the original structure is essential.

These compact indoor fan coil units take up very little space in the room and do not obstruct windows. The fan coils are attractively styled to blend with most room decors. Advanced system components incorporate innovative technology to provide reliable cooling performance at low sound levels. The ideal compliment to your ducted system when itis impractical or prohibitively expensive to use ductwork.

The inverter driven compressor is designed to run at various input power frequencies (Hz) which controls the motor speed of the compressor. Even Temperature – The control package, including the inverter, monitors outdoor and indoor temperatures as they relate to the selected indoor set point and adjuststhe speed of the compressor to match the load and keep the system operating continuously rather than cycling and creating temperature swings. This translates to higher comfort levels for the occupants. Rapid Pull Down/Warm-Up – Comfort is increased by the ability to the inverter system to ramp up the compressor speed to enabling the system to reach the user selected room temperature set pointquicker. Humidity Control – Running the system for longer periods and continuously varying the compressor speed will enhance the humidity control.

This compact duct-free split system is simple to install. A mounting bracket is standard with the indoor units and only wires and piping need to be run between the indoor and outdoor units. These units are fast and easy to installensuring minimal disruption to customers in homes or workplace. This makes the 38/40GXQ systems the equipment of choice for retrofit applications.

Removing the top panel on outdoor units provides immediate access to the control compartment, providing a service technician access to check unit operation. In addition, the draw-thru design of the outdoor section meansthat dirt accumulates on the outside surface of the coil. Coils can be cleaned quickly from the inside using a pressure hose and detergent. On all indoor units, service and maintenance expense is reduced due to easy- -use cleanable filters. In addition, these high wall -tosystems have extensive self-diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting.


Maximum comfortis provided because each space can be controlled individually based on the usage pattern. The air sweep feature provided permits optimal room mixing to eliminate hot and cold spots for the occupant comfort.

BUILT- IN RELIABILITY Duct-free split system indoor and outdoor units are designed to provide years of trouble-free operation. Both the indoor and outdoor units are well protected. Wheneverthe microprocessor detects abnormal conditions, the unit will stop and an error code is displayed. For a complete list of abnormal conditions that are detected refer to the Safety and Reliability section in the Standard Features and Accessories on page 4. Inverter systems provide additional reliability due to soft start. This refers to the ability of the inverter to start the compressor motor...
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