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Multifactor ANOVA - Tiempo _Hardening_

Analysis Summary

Dependent variable: Tiempo _Hardening_
A _Auxinas_
B _Citoquinina_
C _Azucar_

Number ofcomplete cases: 40

The StatAdvisor
This procedure performs a multifactor analysis of variance for
Tiempo _Hardening_. It constructs various tests and graphs to
determine whichfactors have a statistically significant effect on
Tiempo _Hardening_. It also tests for significant interactions
amongst the factors, given sufficient data. The F-tests in the ANOVA
table willallow you to identify the significant factors. For each
significant factor, the Multiple Range Tests will tell you which means
are significantly different from which others. The Means Plot andInteraction Plot will help you interpret the significant effects. The
Residual Plots will help you judge whether the assumptions underlying
the analysis of variance are violated by the data.Analysis of Variance for Tiempo _Hardening_ - Type I Sums of Squares
Source Sum of Squares DfMean Square F-Ratio P-Value
A:A _Auxinas_ 1,40625 1 1,406250,96 0,3341
B:B _Citoquinina_ 10,3022 1 10,3022 7,05 0,0123
C:C _Azucar_ 26,4063 1 26,4063 18,06 0,0002

AB2,07025 1 2,07025 1,42 0,2428
AC 8,37225 1 8,37225 5,73 0,0227
BC 7,832251 7,83225 5,36 0,0272
ABC 67,3402 1 67,3402 46,06 0,0000

RESIDUAL 46,78 32 1,46187...
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