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Good morning my name is ... I’m going to talk about jazz.
Jazz is a musical genre born at the end of nineteenth century in the United States and it has spread globally through all the twentiescentury
The history of jazz is characterized by two fundamental characteristics
In the first its constant assimilation to other stylistic musical tendencies and his ability to mix with other genres andcreate new musical such as rock and roll, which would evolve independently to jazz.
In the second place there is an interrupted succession from a large group of sub-styles which between showtremendous differences
The word jazz, as a genre, is written for the first time March six nineteenth three teen in the newspaper San Francisco bulletin. The term jazz is of African origin common in theAfrican gold coast and the hinter land. It may have been a term from an Arab word.
The jazz is characterized by improvisation. Improvisation is an essential difference to jazz from other musicalstyles of the western musical tradition such as classical music of Europe. The freedom of interpretation has led to the use of a historical term “swing”.

History of jazz
The genre was developedfrom the traditions of West Africa, Europe and North America and has found a good place to develop between African American community settled in the southern United States.
Geographically, the jazzcomes in the state of Louisiana in New Orleans, birth place of the new musical style and main center for the first time, jazz where large amount of slaves have arrived from western Africa, southern ofSahara and the area know as Ivory Coast, gold coast or Slave Coast
In many areas of South America the beating of drums was prohibited by low, so the black slaves had to have resorted to percussionusing the palm of the hands and the beating of then feet.
Musically, jazz is born from a combination of three traditions Native American, African and European.
The African American community in the...