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What is hazardous waste?

Waste is hazardous when it has properties that might make it harmful to human health or the environment. The term 'hazardous' does not always mean that such waste isimmediately harmful, though some can be.

What types of waste are hazardous?

Domestic wastes that may be hazardous include:



•fluorescent tubes


•some paints•some household and car batteries

•discarded electrical equipment like TVs and computer monitors, fridges and freezers

•discarded energy saving light bulbs

Defined by resources conservationand recovery act in 1976.

Hazardous waste is any material which can be potentially harmful to humans or the environment. This waste is produced in many ways; human household waste, such as usedbatteries, and the agricultural industry are just two of the culprits. Not only can the presence of hazardous waste have an ill effect on the environment, but problems also arise when this waste isconsumed by humans and wildlife.

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, enacted in 1976, defines hazardous waste as a liquid, solid, sludge, or containerized gas waste substance that due to itsquantity, concentration, or chemical properties may cause significant threats to human health or the environment if managed improperly. U.S. legislation considers a waste hazardous if it is corrosive,flammable, unstable, or toxic. Sources of hazardous waste may include industry, research, medical, household, chemical producers, agriculture, and mining, as well as many others.

Effects on HumansHazardous waste can have a dangerous effect on humans who live near where the waste is deposited or who otherwise come into contact with it. Waste makes its way into the groundwater which feedswater supplies for towns. Humans might accidentally consume hazardous waste when these materials are absorbed into a water supply or a food chain; for example, humans might eat fish which have been...
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