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Discrimination and harassment in the workplace can come in many forms, and although such misconduct can sometimes be overt, it can be subtle or even concealed. This section provides information onrecognizing discrimination and harassment in the workplace, as well as tips on protecting your legal rights if you have been victimized by discrimination or harassment on the job. To begin, select thetype of discrimination or harassment you would like to know more about from the list below.

General Information on Discrimination and Harassment:
•Discrimination and Harassment 101 - Generalinformation on the various types of discrimination, filing a claim, and answers to common questions on the topic.
.Types of Discrimination and Harassment:
•Race Discrimination - Learn about the lawsagainst race discrimination in the workplace, including Title VII, how to file a claim, and more.
•Gender Discrimination - An in-depth look at gender discrimination at work, applicable laws, plus tipson illegal job interview questions.
•Sexual Harassment - Find information on how sexual harassment is defined, some examples, and how to fight sexual harassment at work.
•Age Discrimination - Abreakdown of age discrimination laws, including a close look at a key statute, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).
•Disability Discrimination - Information on disability discriminationlaws, your rights, and an employer's duty to accomodate.
•Pregnancy Discrimination - Some information and key facts on pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, plus answers to common questions.•Religious Discrimination - Background on the laws against religious discrimination on the job, your rights, and more.
Information on the Equal Pay Act and pay discrimination on the job.
•ImmigrantDiscrimination - An overview on how immigrants are protected from various types of workplace discrimination.
•National Origin Discrimination - Some infromation on the laws and key facts about...
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