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1. Ground Dodge
2. Mid-Air Dodge
3. Ground Block
4. Mid-Air Block
5. Aerial Recovery
6. Recovery Attack
7. Controlled Recovery
8. Wall Jump [Jump right after you startrunning on any wall (i.e Triangle > X immediately) and you will jump really high]

9. Air Dash
10. Reverse Air Dash
11. Free Air Dash
12. Reverse Free Air Dash
13. Omni Air Dash
14. Omni AirDash + [Allows control for steering while dashing]
15. Ground Dash
16. Reverse Ground Dash

17. Omni Ground Dash
18. Omni Ground Dash + [Allows control for steering while dashing]
19. Multi AirSlide
20. Multi Air Slide +
21. Air Dash Boost [Increases speed of Air Dash]
22. Free Air Dash Boost [Increases speed of both Free Air Dash + Omni Air Dash]
23. Assist Boost Dash [Increase Assistmeter when dashing to enemy with any Dash technique]
24. Speed Boost

25. Speed Boost +
26. Speed Boost ++
27. Jump Boost
28. Jump Boost +
29. Jump Boost ++
30. Jump Times Boost
31. Jump TimesBoost +
32. Jump Times Boost ++

29. Jump Boost ++
30. Jump Times Boost
31. Jump Times Boost +
32. Jump Times Boost ++
33. Ground Evasion Boost
34. Mid-Air Evasion Boost
35. Evasion Boost[Increases invincibility frame of dodges]
36. Drop Speed Up [New ability: After using all jumps, press X to fall to the ground quickly.] [Does not work with characters who have natural Glide abilities -Kuja all around, and Terra, Kefka, and Sephiroth in EX Mode]
37. Drop Pause [New ability: After using all jumps, hold X while in the air to stop falling. Release button to resume falling. [Basicallya "Mini-Glide," only last for about 1~2 sec even if holding X]


1. Target Indicator [Blue arrow pointing to opponent, useless in most cases]
2. EX Core Lock-On
3. AssistLock-On
4. RPG Style [Upgrades to RPG Style +]
5. Auto Assist Lock-On [Automatically locks on to Enemy Assist when they're summoned]
6. Auto Assist [Automatically summons Assist at moments where the...
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