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Distribution of contents: Unit Two Actions in Progress (weeks: 9 -16 ): 21 sessions
|Lesson 1: |Lesson 2: |Lesson 3: |
|Function 2.1 |Function: 2.1 |Function:2.1 ||Text describing the posses- sions and possessor |Text offering examples of sin- |Text describing possessives |
|to notice and identify the use of |gular and plural,demonstra- |This is Ana’s blouse /skirt. |
|‘s , s’ . |tive and possessive pronoun|It is Ana’s blouse /skirt. |
|The boy’s car. |to identify the use of ‘s, s’ |It is her skirt /sweater |
|The boys’ cars. |apostrophes. |This is her skirt / blouse. |
||This is Pedro’s car. |Students notice the possessive Pronoun, singular.|
| |Those are Pedro’s jeans. | |
| |These books are Pedro’s. ||
|Lesson 4: |Lesson 5: |Lesson 6: |
|Function 2.1 |Function 2.1 |Function 2.1 |
|Text describing demonstrativ pronouns in plural, |Text presenting thequestion/ answer form with |Text presenting demonstra- |
|using possessive pronouns. |possessive |tive pronouns in plural. |
|Those-these are Mario’s jeans. |and demonstrative pronouns in singular and |Questions/answers with possessive pronous. |
|These arehis jeans. |plural. |Are these your gloves? |
|Those are his jeans. | |Yes, they are. |
| |Is that your sweater? Yes, it is. |Arethose your tennis shoes? |
| |Is this your scarf? No, it isn’t. |No, they aren’t. |
|Lesson 7: |Lesson 8: |Lesson 9: |
|Function 2.1|Function 2.2 |Function 2.2 |
|Text production about their classmates |Text describing what someone is doing at the mo- |Text describing present conti- |
|possessions. (it can be written) |ment of speaking. |nuous.S’s recognize and useprepositions. |
| |Ss notice and recognize |The Teacher is standing in front of the class. |
|Evaluation focus: Peer asses |present continuous. |The students are listening to the teacher. |
|sment on the correct posses- |They’re sitting/standing....
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