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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2010
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2. Amparin´s History
It is impossible to talk about without mentioning Amparín Distroller. Let's say you cannot live without the other and vice versa.

Legend has it that Distroller was born thesame day that Amparín, but (and seriously) the beginning of the mark was nearly fifteen years ago. It started with a board game called "The Weevil", where the aim was to find out who was the "bottle.Soon, Amparín creates the character of Dr Chui, who relieves all sorts of maladies of the soul with a line of chamoys "medicinal." These products were so acid that "destroyed" the intestinal flora,so it never went on sale, but served to establish the brand name: Distroller

Subsequently, she began painting Amparín handmade gifts for family and closest “amiguis” (friends). The talent from"Amparín" and demand for this "hobby" led to the formal birth of Distroller under the trade name of Amparín, INC., as well as opening stores throughout the Mexican Republic and its expansion to othercountries.
Today, thanks to its success, Distroller has 31 stores in Mexico, Latin America and the United States.

2.1 Mission
Distroller mission is to create and give life to the designs, ideas andoriginal products, which brighten the soul, lighten and brighten the lives of all audiences. Distroller delivers the exact amount of self-esteem that allows many people to laugh at their traumas orproblems. Their work and daily efforts contribute in bringing our products Distroller with a good shot of humor, joy and surprise, making life more pleasant and light to live.

2.2 Vision
Create a"World Distroller ", where imagination has no limits and all that is forbidden is boredom. In their world, life is a celebration and everyone becomes the hero of their own history.

2.3 SocialCommitment
We are a company that communicates, and expresses the thoughts about reality. We are free and socially responsible. We care about what happens in Mexico and the world. We care for vulnerable...
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