Diverse colombia

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Diverse Colombia
.Colombia is a country characterized, by an extraordinary geographic, biological and cultural diversity. In truth, it covers six countries in one: an Andean mountainous country,with all the climates of the world; an impenetrable jungle country, with the rain forest with the highest rainfall in the planet; a coastal country, with over three thousand kilometers on two seas; acountry of eternal snows, and vast and scorching plains; a country of infinite waters, of lakes, marshes, rivers, mist: forests, and waterfalls.
Its jungles are a haven for numerous animal and plantspecies that are
either unique in the world or
threatened by extinction; our
territory is thus an important
genetic bank and a true sanctuary
for humanity and for the planet.
Because ofits location on the planet,
its history, and the diverse characteristics of its territory, Colombia is an ethnic and cultural melting pot at
full boil. The origin of its population
is abread Indian base mixed
with diverse migratory currents, of
which the most characteristic is
Spanish. This basis was not homogeneous, bur was, and still is, composed
of communities fromgreatly
differing origins: from Amazonic
tribes to Caribbean groups. It
includes Andean cultures which
Were on the threshold of becoming nation-states when the Europeans
Othercurrents have been brought
by the winds of history, such as that
Of ancient African slaves and of
European and Oriental traders who
Arrived at different times over the
Last four centuries.These settled in specific areas of the Country such as
The Pacific and Caribbean coasts 01'
the department of Antioquia, and
Former! Cultural sub-groups whose profiles are today part of thenational spirit.
These cultural roots, in addition to
Its physical characteristics make of Colombia, a territory two and a half
Times greater than France and with
an overwhelming variety of...
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