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The Good-Guy Supervisor

Three weeks ago Bernie was promoted from head cook to manager of the employee cafeteria at City Hospital. It was a big move up for him ,but he had always been a conscientious, hard-working , and loyal employee, and he felt that his promotion was well deserved. He knows the operation backward and forward, having worked both in thekitchen and on the line, and he has always been well liked by his fellow workers, so he figured he’d have no problems in the new job.

When he took the job, Bernie promised himself he would never forgethow it feel to be a worker and be ordered around, always being told what you’re doing wrong, like Debra, the manager before him, used to do. Everyone hated her. He was determined to do thingsdifferently and not be such an all-fired drill sergeant. He’d be friendly, relaxed and helpful, and people would do their best for him because they liked him and he understood their point of view. He has beenworking hard at pleasing everybody so that they will work well for him in return.

But things are not going quite the way he thought they would. Several of the line servers have become very carelessabout clean uniforms and wearing hairnets, and one of them, Esther, has come in late several times and he has had to fill in for her on the line. He finally spoke to her about it, but when she toldhim her problems with her husband, who brings her to work, he could see how it kept happening and he felt sorry for her. But it is worrying him.

A couple of other things are worrying him too. Erma,who makes the salads, does not always have them ready on time, and yesterday the lettuce was gritty and several people complained. This morning Bernie helped her wash it, which made her mad, and hecouldn’t understand that.
Dan, the new head cook and a good friend of Bernie’s, saw the whole thing and laughed at his reaction. “ Wise up, Bernie”, he said, “ you’re never gonna make it this way”....
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