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Divorce is the dissolution of marriage. It is the result of the decision reached by the two spouses, or just the will of one of them. That is, when a couple decides to divorce isthat there is nothing more to do to save it. When a person is divorced is free to rebuild his life with another person if desired. Generally, the most common reasons for divorce are: adultery, domesticviolence and alcoholism. EscuchaLeer fonéticament 
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First, adultery is one of the most common causes of divorce, Adultery refers to the sexual unionof two people when one or both are married to someone else. As a result this point stimulate the insecurity of the couple and psychological effects that impact primarily on children because theylooking at this type of problem tend to put aside the person responsible for this, showing rejection and hatred. Adultery is not a disease or disorder that is curable. Adultery is only a desire to create inmen or women of their own volition. It is therefore important to maintain dialogue and respect with our partner, to prevent adultery.
Besides, domestic violence is a big problem in which aperson is physically and psychologically battered by her or his partner. This problem is attached to the chain of many divorces, generating women, abused by her couple. Violence leads to divorce,consequently this stimulates the insecurity and fear in the couple affects and if the marriage has children they can grow with trauma and maybe in the future may be possible aggressors. Divorce throughviolence is a very difficult process, because the person is full of fear, when a person is assaulted by her or his partner in marriage and children too, is important to search help and possible solutionsto support the affected person to move forward.
Another point that causes divorce is the alcoholism. The alcoholic has no control over the limits of its consumption and is often increasing...
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